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collision repair, fix a dent and paint

complete collision repair

We understand accidents happen, and sometimes the car may not make sense to fix.  No worries, let Wilmington Body Shop provide quality, seemless auto body repair.  We can do the job faster than most body shops and at a far less cost than our competitors. We understand out of pocket expenses.  Working with Wilmington Body Shop you'll be driving your car again sooner than later!

You can rest easy knowing we will restore your vehicle's appearance and performance to pre-accident condition. We will carefully and expertly fix or repair structural parts, weld replacement parts, align the suspension and wheels.  We will also make sure the seams, bumpers, fenders, grille and hood align to the best of our ability.  Before repairing your car, we'll ask you a few questions if you would like to use original or after market parts.  Its a way to save money.

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