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Classic Classic Car Restoration

Restore a classic care

Whether you are looking to professionally restore your vehicle or rebuild one we can help.  Authenticating your car to fulfill your expectations will result in an amazing restoration.  From the front grill to the color of your interior.   Understand the car will retain its true value if you restore it to its original condition.  Additionally we understand that their are many of you that can't afford it, and that is also an option that we can help with.  When discussing your car with us, please let us know if you are interested in removing rust and mechanically improve performance or a true restoration.  There is a big price difference for a Classic Car Restoration.  Our preferred paint service includes a medium to high quality paint and a 3-5  coat high quality clear.

Check out some of our recent projects

1966 Pontiac Tempest Custom

1977 International Harvester, Scout II

Items to think about restoring, the interior, outside body, repair panels or replace them.  Mechanical restoration, fix or improve current parts or replace with new, trim, weather stripping, dash.  Do you remove all the molding? all the chrome?.  Electrical components and expectations of old vs. new.  Where do you get the parts.  For the most part we have connections and catalogues that will help in the restoration of your vehicle. 

If interested, we can send you pictures of cars were currently working on

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